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Here are some kind comments from my clients

For Yoga

"I really enjoy the gentle pace of the yoga class increased by the inclusiveness of Jodie in the class, whatever the ability or flexibility." Susan

"I am really enjoying the chair yoga despite having reservations before I started. I am not very supple and I find the chair yoga is just enough for me."  Pauline

"I'm personally more comfortable in my own home. I do find it very friendly and there are lots of little laughs as we start and finish. Jodie is a very good teacher and I don't feel under pressure which is quite important when doing exercise."  Sheila

For Chair Yoga

"I really enjoy and look forward to the sessions. What I like is that, even sitting in a chair, I have been able to work through all the body systems from head to toe which is really important at this time (and at my age!)" Jenny

"Jodie's yoga classes are always friendly and relaxing. Jodie explains fully each movement to ensure we are doing it correctly." Chrissy

"The classes have helped me stretch out having spent so much time sat down and on the laptop of late and really relax and destress me.  I can feel that I'm working my muscles." Victoria

For Yoga4Health


  • Improved - breathing, control over thoughts, ability to become calm, sleep, flexibility, posture

  • Lowered - stress and anxiety levels

Changes to lifestyle

  • Improved eating habits and relaxation 

  • Increased motivation and exercise

  • Continuing with yoga practice

Overall experience

  • Fun, helpful and easy to follow 

  • For everyone not just able bodied

  • Enjoyed being part of a group, time out from problems & group chats

Summary of feedback from attendees on Zoom September to November 2020

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